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Parts & Services / Players Challenge Series/GM Motorsports
« Last post by itiladnam on May 21, 2020, 07:05:30 PM »
Looking for any items related to this series (1986-1992) from Race City or Westwood. Memorabilia, race schedules, programs or posters etc. Also any race footage, willing reimburse for the opportunity to copy. Thank you.
Race Cars / VIDEO VBOX LITE data acquisition system
« Last post by CRX Don on April 23, 2020, 03:49:56 PM »
This is a high end data acquisition system which seamlessly integrates video from two cameras, accurate GPS position sensing, speed, and acceleration during your laps. Powerful analysis software allows you to compare laps or sections of laps to see why your driving technique or car setup is faster or slower. Useful for road racing, track days, autocross, testing and car setup, or ice racing.

Price is $Cdn1400. These are almost impossible to find discounted or used. They sell new for $Cdn2100. The one I am selling has been lightly used for 3 race seasons and includes upgraded storage to 32GB. I am retiring from racing and no longer need this.

Video Vbox provides better and easier feedback than camera or smart phone based systems that I have tried. The bottom line is that if you really want to understand how to go faster you need good data that is presented in an easy to use format.

For more information:
What is a Video VBox Lite?
How does can data analysis improve my driving?

Contact: Don at 89dscs at gmail dot com
Race Cars / Re: 1988 Alltrac for Sale Edmonton
« Last post by Binkie on March 09, 2020, 06:05:56 PM »
Race Cars / 1988 Alltrac for Sale Edmonton
« Last post by Binkie on March 06, 2020, 10:43:23 PM »
1988 Celica Alltrac. BC car, was brought here in 2008 but sat since. Basically it has rotted in the driveway. I need to let it go.

Has roll cage, Blitz turbo kit, Shadbolt cams, adjustable shocks with Eibach coil overs, bunch of other stuff. It has never been inspected for Alberta. Tow away only. It ran when parked, but will likely need a lot of work to turn it into a reliable road car. Maybe it could make a cheap ice racing machine. Put 200K KM but really don't know how many, dash was replaced.

This is not a drive away car, it is a major project. $1000 OBO. You must take it away yourself. I will not fix it prior to a deal. You cannot fix it here, it is take it or leave it. Please PM me if interested.

Thanks, Marc
General Announcements / Sad News - Barry Fox
« Last post by Sue Wilson on February 16, 2020, 11:39:41 AM »
It is with much sadness that I let everyone know that Barry Fox a long time racer from the old days has died.  When I get more details I will let you know.
Race Cars / F1000 Open Wheel Race Car
« Last post by Blair Robertshaw on January 14, 2020, 11:15:15 AM »
This Race Car car is prepared to a very high-quality level; Stohr F1000. A great, low maintenance Track Day car for the new track coming this year. reliable, tons of spares and very fast and nimble

Race car #21 / $29,000 USD/ $80+ replacement cost. Race Ready, zero time George Dean Racing Engines, GSXR installed with BRD Dry Sump. 1 spare GSXR with BRD Dry Sump (needs freshening).

Car package includes; AIM Video Camera, Aim Data System, Aim Formula wheel, Bump shifter, Lap Top, complete spare front nose and wing assembly, spare front wing, low DF front flaps, good selection of Ohlin Springs from 600 to 1000lb, front-drive gears and rear-drive gears, vast selection so a guy should be able to dial in track specific gearing, 2 new spare Drive Axles from Taylor, 3 starters (new), one fuel pump (new), spare set of injectors, 2 batteries. Car comes with Radio(s), 2 x Motorola XPR 6350 (shown in pics). Most all spares are new. NO JUNK! , 3 sets of wheels, 2 Jongbloed with AR slicks (one set fresh, the other set has a 20 minute session on them), one set of new Hoosier Rains, on BBS wheels, Trammel Bar for jigging A-arms, Toe Bars, Toe Board, MK Technologies rolling Chassis stand, MK Technologies Electric A frame lift (newly added), MK Technologies front and rear Lift jacks, new Spare Aurora Gold Rod ends, 15 Gallon Fuel jug with Crank pump, Trailering Wheels and many other bits too numerous to list but they go with the car and again, NO JUNK bits or useless spares. Pics are located in the link below.
Race Cars / Re: Intech 28' Custom All Aluminum Trailer for sale
« Last post by Blair Robertshaw on January 13, 2020, 10:22:39 AM »
new price, the package will now include the MK Technologies A-Frame Lift and Pit Wall cart for $29,0000
General Announcements / 2020 Race Dates
« Last post by Sue Wilson on December 28, 2019, 07:44:43 PM »
Following is the list of race dates for 2020.  Mark your calendars so you don’t miss any race events this summer.

NASCC 2020 Castrol Dates

May 23      1 day License School & Test n Tune
May 24      7 Hour Endurance Race
June 20 - 21      Sprint Race Weekend
July 4         LA1K Endurance Race – 11 hour
July 25 - 26      Sprint Race Weekend
August 22 – 23      Speedway Park Revival - Sprint Race Weekend
September 19 – 20    Split Sprint Race and Endurance Race Weekend

WSCC 2020 Gimli Dates

May 2- 3      HPDE Competition Licensing School
May 23 - 24      Race Event # 1
June 20 - 21      Race Event # 2
July 18 - 19      Race Event # 3
August 15 -16      Race Event # 4
August 29 - 30      Race Event # 5

Parts & Services / Flo Fast Fuel can with Rotary Pump
« Last post by Blair Robertshaw on December 17, 2019, 09:43:06 AM »
15-gallon FLO FAST Fuel Can with hand rotary pump New price $495 USD 

$275 CDN

403 464 5700

Parts & Services / MK Technologies Pit Equipment
« Last post by Blair Robertshaw on December 17, 2019, 09:28:15 AM »
MK Technologies A-frame Lift new price $2995 USD

MK Technologies Rolling Stand new price $495 USD

MK Technologies  Lift Harness new price $ 350 USD

MK Technologies Lift Battery Box  New $295 USD

replacement cost using 1.30% exchange is $5375.50  + GST and delivery

all the above listed for  $2750 CDN,

403 464 5700

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