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January 09, 2017, 07:41:34 PM
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*** Dropping price to $15,000. Have to move it. Smoking hot deal at this price. ***

2016 ST3 Alberta class champion car. Please see below for just some of the detail. I also have setup and track data sheets when the car ran pro. This is a LOT of car and with the right setup and tweaking (something I didn’t even begin to get into), I am convinced this car could knock off at least another 2 seconds at Castrol, and it has run a 1:25.7.

This SRT-4 was one of two cars built for the 2005 SCCA Speed World Challenge Touring Car series by 3R-Racing and originally driven by Dan Aweida. The car was professionally built from the ground up, starting with a “body in white” shell and with engineering and financial support from Dodge SRT Motorsports.
see build pics:

The car is very fast and very safe because of the build quality. This is a full on professional touring car build by a professional race team, 3R Racing n Colorado. Other than a few rubs here and there the car has never been wrecked to the point of causing damage to the tub or cage.

- World Challenge spec SRT-4 motor - stage 3 turbo upgrade
- 330 whp / 380 wtq
- Ron Davis Radiator with integrated oil cooler
- Body in white
- Pro-built cage with full seam welding and suspension point triangulation
- Front sub-frame and rear suspension pickup point relocation - optimized for lowered ride heights
- Dodge Motorsports supplied Roselli knuckles for improved roll center and steering angles
- 3-way Moton Motorsport shocks with camber plates. Rebuilt 3 yrs ago and re-valved by 3R Racing ($20K)
- Spherical bearings on all suspension points
- AP racing air jacks with air wand
- Nascar style rear sway bar - Speedway Engineering - adjustable
- Custom wiring harness
- Racetech driver's seat (medium) moved back behind B-pillar in typical pro touring car fashion
- 22 US gal fuel cell mounted midship with fabricated cover. *New replacement fuel cell installed prior to 2016 race season*
- Weldon main fuel pump with three lift pumps and collector
- Electric power steering motor mounted in trunk
- Carbon fiber - hood, trunk lid, wing, and splitter with integrated brake ducts
- Lexan windshield, side, and back windows
- Full Motec system – ($25K system) - 3-way g-sensor, shift lights, wideband O2 sensor, wheel speed sensors, suspension motion sensors, steering angle, brake pressure, brake bias, throttle pos, coolant temp, oil temp, intercooler in/out temps, with logging and graphing. Includes trackside beacon and software.
- Brembo Racing braking system designed by Brembo with adjustable f/r bias
- Tilton floor mounted pedals
- Affordable brake pads and rotors as Nascar takeoff pads are readily available on eBay
- 17”x8” OZ Superleggera wheels (3 sets)
- 1 set of mounted Hoosier R7 (used)
- 1 set of mounted Continental slicks (used)
- 1 set of mounted Toyo R888 for rain (used)
-  1 or 2 sets or unmounted sets good for track days
Lap times by amateur driver unless otherwise noted.
- Castrol – 1:25.7
- Sebring - 2:23
- Road Atlanta - 1:33 - (Randy Pobst driving in street close at HPDE even check out vid:
- VIR full course - 2:04
- Daytona – 2:02

• 1 front bumper cover
• 1 rear bumper cover
• 1 carbon fiber hood
• 1 carbon fiber splitter
• 1 left front fender
• 1 right front fender
• 1 Motec beacon (*cannot get this to work. Can upgrade to GPS*)
• 1 spare transmission with Quaife
• 1 modified front cross member per SWC rules
• 1 set of Lexan front door glass
• 1 Lexan windshield
• 1 Exhaust Depot Beast intercooler (no longer available)
• 8 spare OZ Superleggera wheels 17x8 silver
• 1 set of drive axles (rebuilt pair)
• 1 set of adjustable rear control arms (new)
• 1 rear spindle for use with 3R brackets
• 1 set of front rotors new with hats installed
• 1 set of Brembo rear rotors with hats installed
• 1 new front brake pads - PFC01
• 1 new rear brake pads - PFC97
• Box of springs (various rates)
• 2 Dodge Motorsports custom front knuckles
• Air jack wand
• Air jack stands

The car is currently in storage in Canmore, AB. S
pares are located near Wetaskiwin
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2005 Dodge SRT-4 Speed World Challenge car ("Syd")

July 04, 2017, 06:21:04 AM
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330 WHP...No wonder the SRT is such a rocketship!  Someone put this car back on the track!  It's a fast car that need's to be on the track.  A real steal at the asking price...   
A. Brown
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October 08, 2017, 06:39:15 PM
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Bittersweet.  :-\ Car is sold to a US buyer. Was REALLY hoping this car would stay in western Canada, but even at this give-away price, there were no serious takers. This is a GREAT car and I'm sad to see it go back to the US. But... such as it is. Thanks for a few seasons of great fun and great racing Syd!
2012 Radical SR3 RS
2005 Dodge SRT-4 Speed World Challenge car ("Syd")