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June 03, 2019, 08:32:09 PM
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Can someone confirm the rules that pertain to the Master Cutoff Switch for SMs?


June 04, 2019, 06:24:54 AM
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As a purely safety requirement; I interpret that it falls under the WCMA regs so:

1. A safety kill switch must be fitted. It must disable all of the electrical systems, except Fire Suppression
Systems system on the vehicle directly, i.e. solenoids may not be used. If the kill switch does not disable
the main starter cable, the starter cable must be fitted with a fusible link. This fusible link must not be
installed near the engine compartment or fuel cell. It is preferred for the safety kill switch to be mounted
on the cowl at the base of the windshield, or near the A pillar on the driver's side Location of the Kill
switch must be marked clearly (using a red spark on a blue triangle with a white border), or the outside
of the vehicle and its operation must be obvious. If the driver cannot reach this switch while in the
normal driver's position, a second switch with identical function must be fitted in the driver/passenger
compartment such that the driver can operate the switch while strapped in safety harness.
2. The kill switch may also be mounted remotely and operated by a pull cable with a loop in the above
specified locations.
3. The use of FIA approved electrical shut off relay systems also permitted. Activation switch must also be
clearly marked.

Mine is in the usual SM spot on the passenger side of the main hoop with a pull cable loop on the trans tunnel beside my fire system pull.

Spec Miata #13