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September 08, 2018, 04:44:16 PM
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This is a fun, reliable race car - a great intro to racing or opportunity to jump into the most competitive class of local racing. The car has been solid and reliable and I’ve made steady improvements to it each season I’ve owned it. It’s the lighter 1.6 NA version and can be a solid upper-mid pack car with the right driver, maybe better with you at the wheel…

- Cage design is good for a tall/larger drivers
- Engine has good compression (~180) on all 4 and 0% leakdown
- 8 good MOMO wheels, plus 2 spares slightly bent but usable
- Dyno tuned AFM by “Miataboxes”
- 5XRacing Adjustable fuel pressure regulator
- Koyo aluminum race rad - zero overheating problems!
- Innovate Motorsports MTX-L wideband AFR gauge
- Mazda Motorsport (Cusco) clutch-type LSD with 3 weekends on it (~6 hrs)
- New coils, plugs, wires  (spring 2018)
- New rear brake calipers (spring 2018)
- New brake pads (spring 2018, 2 weekends)
- New SS brake lines (spring 2018)
- Current log book and annual tech 2018

Lowlights (opportunities for improvement!)

- Fenders are no longer pristine or pretty
- Engine could probably benefit from a bit more tuning on the dyno
- Exhaust is quiet, but heavy - could be removed

Spares (negotiable):

- 2 x Axles
- 1 x new unused Mazda Motorsports front hub
- 1 Diff carrier (needs ring/pinion)
- Spare plug wires, coils, misc
- 4 x New Hoosier SM7's - heat cycled but never raced
- 4 x Hoosier SM7's with one weekend on them
- 4 x spare 15” wheels for trailering etc

Asking $9500 OBO. Call Jim @ 780-7zero-7-1591 or email

Insert awesome race car here.

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