Author Topic: 2018 WCMA AGM - Spec Miata Breakout Minutes  (Read 334 times)

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October 26, 2018, 04:59:03 PM
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Thanks to all those who contributed.  Below are a slightly more organized version of the notes I took during our breakout session.


The idea of a Spec Miata committee (SMAC) discussed:
- Representatives in each city to facilitate meeting in person
- Chris Saunders (not present to defend himself) was suggested for Edmonton
- Topics we'd like to tackle this winter:
  - Contingency
  - Marketing
  - New Banners
  - Tire decision Toyo vs. Hoosier
    - hopeful SM8s will address some competitor concerns.
  - marketing plans
  - new website

Mazda Contingency Discussion:
- James volunteered to work with Mazda rep
- less contingency, more series support discussed.  Generally supported.  SMAC input required to determine what this means.

New people questions:
How do the sactioning bodies fit together?
NASA rules or SCCA rules?
Where to find the information I need?
How to connect with the group?

New person perspective:
- More feedback (even without contact)
- More clarity on expectations (passing)
- More continuous learning from stewards.

Steve - will coordinate Gee & Gee spring tire order

Super Miata passing rules discussed. 
Spec Miata #13

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