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February 15, 2019, 10:01:59 AM
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Spec Volcanic

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Hello Competitors
The sporting regulations have been updated to accommodate the changes required to make improvements to licensing and on track conduct discussed as at the 2018 Race workshop.

Please let your fellow competitors know as we are all an important part of communication out these changes.

Updated sections to review include

Section 2 DRIVER Minimum Requirements and 3 COMPETITION LICENSING ( which replace Section 2 DRIVER COMPETITION LICENSING)
 These updates were based on a general agreement of these needs at the race workshop
  Easy access for future Endurance Championship events
  Alternate access for people who “missed” the school (and have a race car)
  Clarity on Basic License requirements – Ice Racing / Time attack / other
  Alternate methods for confirming competency
  Overall the license section of the regs should be updated to have a more logical flow while making the other changes

Section 5.3 Sportsmanship (addition)
Updated to support on track conduct discussion

Section 5.4 Impairment (updated for cannabis)
Updated due to changes in federal law

Sections 11.3 Competitor conduct on the race track and 11.5 passing on the race track have been updated and section 11.4 Competitor conduct on the race track for vintage and Appendix b have been added
 These updates were based on a general agreement of these needs at the race workshop
  that more clarity is needed around incidents and who is at fault
  Attached samples examples were well received.
  Members agreed and disagree whether specific examples and if they align with current rules
  Reinforcing that more clarity is needed
  that racing room should be given even when not required
  Some concern that current rules as written/enforced limit “being passed” drivers responsibility to much
  The car being passed should also be more responsible for a safe pass

Best regards.

Gary Roberts
Race Director
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