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August 25, 2009, 06:56:35 PM
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We all seem to be so nice and serious on this board. Time for some real opinions, some that could get us in trouble with lawyers somewhere on the planet. 
Let's talk about the R888 tires from Toyo.  What opinion have you formed of them over this season?  And do remember when responding, if you bought them, then you must officially be sponsored by Toyo.

I'm going to start this off by saying that the incredibly large Spec Miata class in the US has been reported in Grassroots Motorsports to have determined that they will run Toyo RA1's next year.  They could not have announced this without Toyo having agreed to produce the RA1 tires.  Where does that leave the rest of us?

In the Challenge Car, RX7 class, most driver's have stated they are not happy with the life of the R888 tires, as they seem to last only 2/3 as long.  And most driver's are not convinced they are any better than the RA1's when they are working.  Some think old bald RA1's are about as good as new R888's.  Those that have brought this up with Toyo have simply been told they need to reduce the camber.  Looking at the wear on my tires, which is admittedly much more even than the RA1 wear ever was, I can not believe that the camber is affecting the overall life of these tires.  (Especially since I had already reduced the camber and got the even wear.)  But it is very clear the lifetime of the tires is less than the RA1 when run on an RX7.

And what do you think?
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August 25, 2009, 08:29:01 PM
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R888 - Stickier.  Consistent.  Wears faster.  Likes more camber on FWD it seems.  Likes lower start pressures to keep centre from wearing out.  Costs more.  Has a "bling factor" that  the RA1 lacks.  Worth it? - Dont know.

Apparently most NASA spec classes will be returning to the RA1 for 2010 (Toyo is a sponsor/affiliate of NASA).  Thus the assumption that the RA1 will remain in production seems to be true. 

Sturat 77

August 25, 2009, 11:37:59 PM
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They wear out way faster

Done faster times on bald RA1's on same day

They get greasy quick.


August 26, 2009, 06:41:14 PM
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Here's the link to nasa going back to RA1's.

I've read a ton of comparision stuff on forums trying to decide if it was worth the switch. Most of the consensus in the world was the setups were different between tires. Once you got the car to work on the R888's it was ok for tire wear, and they were faster.
This was mostly people who were running shaved ra1's as comparison.

August 26, 2009, 09:58:51 PM
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Hey Super Dave,

Gotta disagree...

I read a lot of stuff, based on a google search of..RA1 vs R88, and got a general feeling of dissatisfaction.

Hey, when whole classes of these guys decide to pack them in , there's gotta be a reason. We get well past shaved RA1's in CC, we run them bald, and I have better times on bald RA1's than R888's on the same day.

Zoom zoom

August 27, 2009, 07:36:25 AM
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Sorry brooke my "world" is generally front wheel drive. You may have seen something in rwd.
It will be interestig to see what sizes are going to be available when the RA1 goes back into production.
This was interesting
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September 06, 2009, 07:55:14 AM
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Aim Tire is very good and knowledgable and I would tend to believe what they say.

With many spec classes going back to RA1 next year it may be moot but there is some very good info here especially the point about using a very high starting pressure.

September 06, 2009, 11:17:15 AM
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Interesting article. We have found that high pressures wear out the middle of the tires really quickly, and to make them last, we have actually been starting lower than the RA1's, and ending up in the 35 - 36 lb range when hot.

September 07, 2009, 10:42:56 AM
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Agreed with the pressures as well Brooke! I was told one would need to start lower and all my tire temp data from last weekend shows this to be very true. Another interesting point is that Toyo recommends lower camber values than the RA1...all my collected tire temp data and observations from other front wheel drivers is that these tires actually need more negative camber than the RA1's....

I have only had one race weekend on them but am not that impressed so far. They started out great and just steadily dropped the point I took the car for a swim maybe? Still not sure what happened with the swamp incident other than the car kept rotating as I came past my corner track out point of the chicane? Did the tires just quit gripping, driver error or a mechanical issue with the car. I haven't found a mechanical issue yet. My track time has been limited this year so lack of set time could explain, tires not wanting to grip could also explain. I would need more seat time on the tires to say one way or the other but like I said my initial impression isn't great so far.

Unfortunately the begging question is if they don't bring back RA1's what other decent option of tire is there for us budget mined folks who can' t afford to run Hoosiers or similar?

September 07, 2009, 04:31:36 PM
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Yeah, they go off pretty quickly. I ran faster times with bald RA1's than with R888's the same day!

How much are Hoosier Slicks. They are about $175 US, in the US

September 07, 2009, 05:39:41 PM
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Are you talking true Hoosier slicks or are you talking DOT Hoosiers R compounds?

There was a group buy through Souther Alberta Solo Club earlier this year. It ooks like 205/60R13 were $235 ea.

Hoosier Group Buy

Another option I have heard good things about is the Hankook Ventus Z214...Don't know where to buy them here though...

September 08, 2009, 05:45:49 AM
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The Ventus 214s are only available in the US. I called Hankook Canada.

The cool thing about the RA1s is that they seem to get their best right before they cord and don't seem to have any heat cycling issues. Too bad it is the end of the season as with the dollar being quite strong we should organize a group buy....maybe in the spring Toyo will have new production of the RA1 available too.


September 14, 2009, 07:39:12 PM
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streetywise guy

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I had a pile of 8 888s at Race City this weekend, ranging from new to bald.  I dug out my durometer, and found that they are very much the same hardness from new (44)to almost bald (46), but as soon as the tread sipes disappear, they are rocks (57).  I even had a couple that had some siping left on the inside, and bald on the outside- 45 on the treaded half, 57 on the bald half, so number of heat cycles hasn't got much effect. 

Information only.  Interpretation, I leave to others.

September 14, 2009, 07:47:08 PM
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Wow! How did you get them to wear away on the outside and have tread left in the middle?  I have dropped as low as 22 to 24 lbs cold and they are still wearing more in the middle.

Interesting result with the durometer.

September 14, 2009, 10:17:42 PM
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  Never ran them on the Honda - but they suck on the Mustang and from talking to others, anything else too!  I did not have inside/outside wearing issues from 2 race weekends but consistency and predictability went out the door with these tires it seems.  First 10 - 15 minutes okay then it becomes a wild, unpredictable, slippery ride after that.  RA1's were much more reliable it appears.  As Stu put it - more bling but at what cost?   Won't buy another set - don't recommend anyone to buy a set unless they give them away - then pass them on to your closest competitor so you can know where he will be.

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