Author Topic: RACING ON THE RUNWAYS - CFB NAMAO - JUNE 18 & 19  (Read 3429 times)

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June 06, 2011, 07:05:59 AM
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Sue Wilson

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Attention all competitors, crew and track workers

If you are planning on attending the race at CFB Namao, please send me an email by no later than June 15th that you plan on attending.  We must let the base know who is coming.

In case you don't know my email - it's

It appears that NASCC is having some difficulty getting the registration page up and running so we are taking information this way.

Everyone including drivers, crew members, family members, guests and track workers must register or else they will NOT get in.

Thanks and see you all in Namao.

Sue Wilson
Director - Licensing
Western Canada Motorsport Association

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