Author Topic: Thank you to Michael Lemanskiís contribution to Motorsport in Western Canada  (Read 1849 times)

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November 06, 2013, 10:04:19 AM
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A very Sincere Thank You to Michael Lemanskiís contribution to Motorsport in Western Canada.

On the evening prior to the  2013 WCMA AGM Michael Lemanski advised the 4 other voting members, in the room, that he was stepping down as President.  This was a surprise. He was the president for the past 13 years and in my opinion he represented the motorsport community in a very professional and effective manner. We all thank Michael for his commitment and his dedication. 
I have been on WCMAís executive for over 17 years and I will miss his guidance and support.  Thank you for all those years of volunteering 1000s of hours .  It is a huge personal sacrifice.  Job well done!

This past summer, Michael and I talked many times about motorsports and where should WCMA place it self in the future. We all agree cars, technology, the  overall sport and the use of closed circuits has changed significantly in the last 20  years.  The conclusion: we must clearly know who our audience is, who  are the customers, who are our volunteers ( ever essential)  and to clearly know who serving, & assisting all of them in this very exciting sport.   We all agreed , we must re-look at how we conduct, operate with our own borders and  take a close look at what our peers around the country and around North America are doing to be actively involved in relatively safe & fun motorsport events.  We must begin to modernizing how we, WCMA,  are involved  in amateur motorsport in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta  & the North West Territories.  WCMA has a huge territory.

Change is inevitable and we must meet or exceed  the actions of  these pressures.

Michael was willing to initiate this change and  started to use the phrase ďRAISE the BARĒ and to begin to modernize how things are to be completed in the future. He had many good ideas and it was a real surprise that he made the public announcement at the conclusion of the 2013 WCMA AGM.

I personally wish Michael all the best with his future endeavours and hope he can come back to the motorsport community in a different role.  He has a lifetime of acquired knowledge about the sport and would be an asset for/to any of us.  I will be contacting Michael on a regular basis for advice.
Michael, with your initiation we will, ďraise the bar!Ē
As a close friend, I wish you all the best.

Gary Leadbetter

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