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December 17, 2013, 06:58:45 AM
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Sue Wilson

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Exciting news for all racers! 

The Northern Alberta Sports Car Club (NASCC) is pleased to announce that it will be updating its timing and scoring system for summer road racing to the MyLaps (previously called AMB) system for 2014.   Once a few upgrades are added to the system during the season this will provide live web access timing and results, as well us uploading of all lap times and results to the MyLaps website.

All competitors will be required to have an AMB transponder for their personal use by the first race event at Castrol Raceway.

For those who ice race, please be clear that the NASCC will continue to use the existing dBComm system that we have been using for many years, the current medium sized black boxes mounted on a window.  The dBComm and MyLaps systems are not compatible, so those who race in both seasons will need to have both types of transponders.  For those who race only on the road courses, your ice racing buddies are a market for your used dBComm transponders.

The NASCC is able to make a bulk purchase of units, then resell them at a 10% discount from list price, but the initial cash investment is too high unless we have a commitment from racers to buy the units from us.  We will be finding a way to put a pre-purchase order up on the MotorsportsReg site for a fraction of the total cost of the units, and will then place a bulk purchase order based on the number of racers who order through us.  We will not bulk order any leasing (flex units), only full ownership purchases.  The pre-purchase order should be accessible through the website, Event Registration menu bar item before Christmas, in case you want to let your spouse know what you want for Christmas!

The Alberta Race Car Association (ARCA) will be maintaining a modest rental pool of MyLaps transponders for those whose home track is not Alberta.

There are 2 choices of MyLaps transponders:
1 – Direct powered which affixes to your car’s battery
2 – Rechargeable transponder which uses an internal Lithium battery you must charge each weekend.

There are two ways to buy them:
1-   direct purchase at a list price of about $480 US
2-   yearly leasing MyLaps calls the Flex unit at around $150 US/year.

For more information on purchasing an MyLaps (AMB) transponder, you can go to MyLaps or Pegasus:

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