Author Topic: How to answer the tough question from a colleague - which car should I buy?  (Read 2275 times)

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February 19, 2014, 10:32:52 AM
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Good morning,

Once again I had a friend ask the very common question: What family vehicle should we get?  If I had received a dollar for every time I have been asked that question I would be running a Porsche GT3 Cup team at Daytona 24 hour race weekend. Tough question.

The majority of  motorsport competitors are often asked by friends, associates and colleagues about what is the best car to buy.  This is something I have been asked for the past 5 decades.  Which is the best vehicle for my family, wife or kids.

This is a very difficult to answer and is usually impossible without climbing into the mind of the potential owner of new car. There are so many variables and far too many to list in this forum.

Here is my response.

I usually recommend a few magazines and a few web sites for generic information. Edmunds most often, Consumer reports, etc.

However for families looking for a family vehicle I always recommend these sites.

Safety -

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) is an independent, nonprofit scientific and educational organization dedicated to reducing the losses deaths, injuries and property damage from crashes on the nation's roads.

For  economy or fuel mileage[/b],   I always recommend the Fuel Consumption guide.   However,  for the last 30 years I have found it almost impossible to match the City mileage  ratings and for most vehicles the highway ratings are not too far off.   I can say this with confidence after 43 years of driving,  maybe 2 million (+)  miles  and having owned a few dozen street cars and keeping track of mileage for  most cars over that time period.

Natural Resources  Canada web site

Fuel Consumption Ratings
Use this tool to help identify the most fuel-efficient vehicle that meets your everyday needs by comparing the fuel consumption information of different models.
Starting with the 2015 model year, a new testing procedure will result in higher fuel consumption ratings that are more representative of everyday driving. For 1995-2014 model year vehicles, adjusted ratings that reflect the new test methods are shown on the vehicle details pages.

I recommend they check the kijiji in their area and Auto trader and the last recommendation is to shop hard and it never hurts to say no and walk away.  If you're in the ball park with your tough price the dealer's will almost always come back to you. It may be a few days or a week but they will come back if you're close to their "REAL" bottom line.
Friends and family members expect a great deal of knowledge about cars from you competition drivers.

Lets' assist some of those families.

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