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April 17, 2014, 10:44:18 AM
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Good day!

There are a few rumours floating around the amateur motorsport community and I wish to clarify one rumour.  WCMA is 100% in favour of the LAIK event.  Right from the get-go we thought this was a fabulous opportunity for the amateur sport car racing community.   A very successful event will lead to many potential opportunities in future years.   WCMA has even altered/modified the  competition licensing school policy or structure for those competitors who have extensive experience in other sanctioning body's  events.
We do acknowledge the fact there are a number of WCMA's licensed competitors who will not participate in the first year's event and some of these people have voiced their concern.  However, the organizers are working very hard to prepare for this great opportunity to show case a major amateur motorsport competition event. We all know this type of event is new to Canada and because this is a new event WCMA has encouraged the organizer(s)  to get all their paperwork into the applicable groups and insurance  people as soon as possible to make sure there are no delays.  WCMA wants to see a very successful event and in future years the rest of Canada's licensed motorsport competitors will place this event  on their calendar to come to Alberta to participate in this unique event.   
WCMA is asking those licensed competitors who wish to spectate the first year event to come out and assist as a corner worker, etc. A large number of  volunteers are required to run this event.
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