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October 21, 2014, 09:09:04 AM
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2014 WCMA AGM  and awards banquet was a success. 
Plenty of hardware was handed out at the banquet with Chris Semanciw requiring an enclosed trailer to haul  the many awards back to Calgary.  I’m sure Chris’s accomplishments in 2014 will be the motivation for many competitors in 2015.  There were also many other winners and many who just missed out in 2014.

The highlights were:
Solo competitor of the year Cam Withhell
Worker of the year – Bryce Stewart
Corporate or  promoter of the year – Paul Conquest/Eurasia
Rookie of the year – Justin Lewicke
Sportsman of the year – Kent Seymour
Driver of the year – Chris Semanciw
Congratulations to those outstanding supporters & competitors to amateur motorsport in the WCMA Territory

In 2014 WCMA also honoured  a person  who has contributed a life time to motorsport.  She has personally been in contacted with literally 1000s of  competition drivers, both amateur and professional race car drivers over the past 37 years.   WCMA has decided to create a perpetual trophy in recognition to the outstanding contribution the Terner Family has provided to motorsports for 5 decades:
Gail Terner: 37 years as licensing supervisor for WCMA, CASC – Prairie Region and a term as President of NASCC
Uwe Terner: WCMA’s Chief Scrutineer and Tech supervisor for multiple decades,  accomplished engine builder and car builder,  Chief Tech Steward for the  Players’ GM series,
Frank Terner: Accomplished Formula Ford ( 1600) driver,  Steward of the Honda Michelin Series & Player’s GM series, Chief driving Instructor, First President of WCMA in 1991.
Lance Terner was a corner worker at EIS,  Ralph Terner was the starter for the NASCC events at EIS for many years , and Uwe, Ralph and  Frank’s parents'  Kurt G. Terner and Hildegard A. Terner  all made significant contributions to the success of motorsports in western Canada. As we can all see the Terner Family has indeed been a major contributor to motorsports in western Canada.  Both CASC ( Prairie Region) and WCMA have benefitted.

The very first winner of the Terner Family Trophy was Gerard Tobin, for thanking him for his monumental effort and contribution in  bringing  the  very successful MAZDA Miata/MX5 Spec racing series to the Prairie Provinces.

Congratulations to all the winners and to all the participants.  Thank you to all the volunteers, stewards and corner workers.  Without the volunteers,  amateur motorsport competition events in Canada would not be possible.  Thank you.

Besides the awards,  the various workshops had successful meetings.

The big issue on the road race group was which direction do the majority of the competitors wish to take the car classification rules.  It was decided by the majority that it is time for a significant change and it was agreed a power-to-weight ratio with sliding tuner performance points is the most modern and effective way to classify competition cars and also enable the very strong/competitive solo field of competitors to move from solo sport to wheel to wheel competition. The model they decide to look at is similar to  the NASA PT & ST model.
This new competition car classification will not prevent those WCMA competitors who still have a dream of an SCCA Run off championship.  This will mean their priority for car design will be for the SCCA Runoffs but the PT/ST model will still provide them  with a place to race at WCMA events while preparing for the SCCA run offs. An amateur car racer having a SCCA run off Championship on the resume is still  a huge motorsport accomplishment.  Of course the new classification system may make it easier for the WCMA competitor to fit into a similar class at a NASA Championship events in the States. Multiple Championships maybe possible!

As always a huge thank you goes out to Sue Wilson for her “ANNUAL”  outstanding  contribution for organizing the WCMA AGM and awards banquet.
 Gary Leadbetter / President of WCMA
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