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October 21, 2014, 02:42:06 PM
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FS: Championship winning BMW 1996 328i Track Car w/Dolly
It pains me to post this, but it is time to move on and sell the car I have built over the course of the past three years. The car has served me well, winning the championship in 2013 and finishing third this year(due to driver error). I really hope to see this car on track locally and enjoyed by a fellow enthusiast!

Car: 1996 328i w/original paint (code 307)

I bought this car from Mike G at Inside Track in the spring of 2012 with the intensions of building it into a race car. Below is the day I first laid eyes on it.

Over the course of the next couple years, the car transformed into this...

I have to give a big shout out to Scott at Can-Alignment and Sean Asselin. We were the only three people who ever touched this car. All work below can be vouched for by them. If you want to win an Ontario Time Attack championship (overall and class), this is the car for you. It is nearly 100% optimized for the GT1 class and has MANY GT1/GT2 class lap records. Below are my personal best times to date from this year.

*All times were done in GT1 trim – Street tires, 2595#, 185whp(est)
CTMP (MIR)- 1:33.9
CTMP New DDT(1 kink)-1:29.5
TMP- 1:19.8
GBM(Technical CW)- 1:01.4
GBM(Technical CCW)- 1:01.3

Now on to the good stuff!


-Original paint
-Custom hood vents(2014)
-M3 Bumper front/rear
-Custom 4” splitter made from .5” marine ply and 2.5” air dam(2014)
-Custom end plates(2014)
-Brooks Motorsports 66” Pro wing(2014)
-Lexan windows with sliders for driver/passenger and rear window(2013)
-Hard Motorsports fender flares(2014)


-Nitron R1+ Coilovers with custom valving – will include original springs ,850#/550#(2013)
-Nitron camber/Caster plates
-Hypercoil 400# rear springs w/tenders(2013)
-Hot bits 680# front springs(2013)
-Racing Dynamics front/rear sway bars – rear not installed(came with the car)
-M3 front sub frame X-brace
-GC front control arms bearings with derlin inserts
-M3 shock tower reinforcement plates
-GC spherical RTAB bearings
-Turner motorsports adjustable rear arms
-Spare M3 rear trialing arms with axles and upper OEM control arms


-17 X 9.5” Apex ACR8’s (June 2014)
-255/40/17 Hankook RS3 V.2 (June 2014) *Approx 30-40% tread remaining
-90mm Bullet nose studs in the front and 75mm Allen studs in the rear
-Bimmerworld 15mm hub centric spacers
-H&R 10mm spacers x 2
-Assortment of generic spacers, 3mm,5mm,7mm

Engine/Tranny/Drive train:

-Original M52, A/C Delete, Clutch fan delete, Aux fan delete, SAI delete and EGR delete (2012/2013) Custom 3” exhaust w/Magnaflow muffler
-M50 Manifold (2012)
-Bimmerworld 3" intake elbow (2012)
-Custom CAI routed to lower fascia area (2013)
-Z3 High capacity radiator - also lowered 2"(2014)
-Bimmerworld silicone hoses (2012)
-metal impellor water pump (2012)
-88 degree thermostat (2012)
-Switch operated Spal electric fan (2012)
-Bimmerworld dual fuel pump setup (2012)
-M3 Motor mounts and rogue engineering tranny mounts
-Evap pump delete w/ proper venting
-M3(OBD1) 3.15 ratio LSD diff (installed 2013)
-Turner Motorsports solid diff mounts
-M3 Rear sub frame with derlin bushings
-B&M short shifter


-Asselin Motorsports 4 point roll bar (2012)
-OMP Black HTE Drivers seat - Fiberglass, halo FIA Standard 855-1999(2012)
-OMP Black GRIP Passenger seat - Fiberglass, non-halo FIA Standard 855-1999(2012)
-OMP Side mounts Drivers/Passenger (2012)
-Leaf latch style 5-point harnesses Drivers/Passenger (2012)
-Vac Motorpsorts floor mounts Drivers/Passenger (2012)
-Stripped completely, including, airbags, seatbelts, power controls, sound deadening material, HVAC and associated hardware (2013)
-Doors gutted with custom ABS plastic covers (2013)
-Diamond plate foot rest w/ dead pedal
-2.5LB Fire Extinguisher (2012)
-OMP Steering wheel w/Quick release hub (2012)
-Custom carbon fibre sunroof plug (2012)
-Light weight battery(9LB) w/ MMP Aluminum battery holder(2012)
-Switch panel for lights, dash, fan, and any ACC of your choosing. (2013)
-Aim MXL Strada race dash w/ GPS05 module, MSI oil pressure sender, AiM oil temp sender and AiM water temp sender (2013)


-StopTech ST40 calipers
-332mm vented/slotted 2-piece rotors(2014)
-Hawk DTC60 front and rear pads(2014)
-M3 Rear cross drilled rotors(2013)
-M3 Rear calipers(2013)
-StopTech stainless brake lines front/rear(2013)
-Custom brake cooling hoses and ducts w/Bimmerworld direct flow backing plates(2013)
-Motul RBF600 fluid(July 2014)


I want to be completely honest with the potential buyer so below is the, “Not so good”.

Front left shock – unfortunately, the collar unthreaded at an event early in September spewing out its oil. Since then, it has been rebuilt by Scott at Can-alignment. The car was then used at the big track a few weeks later and the shock held up well. The only issue is that the fluid used for the rebuild is not the same as the right front. If you want the car to be 100%, I would suggest having the shock rebuilt by Nitron USA or possibly another source (can help with this). The price of the car reflects this issue, but if the buyer prefers to have me take care of this beforehand, I will do so for an additional amount. Rebuild price $75-100.00 per shock.

Steering wheel quick release – this item has been on the car since the spring of 2012 and has developed a tiny bit of play. While driving it isn’t very noticeable, but being OCD, I does bug me. Replacement cost $80.00
Rear brakes sticking – since the OTA shootout I have been fighting an issue with the rear brakes. For some reason they are over-powered compared to the front and I cannot figure out why. The car can still be driven hard, but if you are not used to allot more rear brake bias, it can catch you off-guard. Had I decided to keep the car, I would have gone back to a less aggressive pad in the rear or installed a bias knob as per Scott at Can-alignment. Cost to fix based on my suggestions, $80-200.

Rust - while the car is amazing clean for being almost 20 years old, it is not perfect. There is minor rust in some locations but nothing really noticeable or easy to spot.

Other than the above(if you so decide to take care of these issues), the car is 100% ready to go.

Lastly, included in the sale is a 2010 XL(fits SUV’s)model tow dolly. I would like to sell with the car to make it a package, or would sell it separately after the sale of the car. The trailer is 8/10 condition and the bearings were repacked this past spring.

Car and trailer- $15,000
Car by itself- $14,500
Trailer by itself- $1100

So, as I have already states, if you have always wanted a car that you can just jump in and be guaranteed a chance at an overall title, this is that car. She won't let you down!

Please PM or send emails to coreytrf at

MANY MORE PICS TO FOLLOW! *also have many pics from the build that I do not plan on posting, but if you would like to see them, let me know!*

Be sure to check out my in-car videos as well -
Corey Whiteman - #77 BMW 328i GT1
The car below is now for sale... See the Classifieds!
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