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January 26, 2015, 04:54:50 PM
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At the 2014 WCMA AGM the competitors voted in favour of a new set of car classification rule sets.   It was also agreed this new car classification system would be implemented for the 2016 season.   It was also decided the most popular car classification system to consider was the NASA (National Auto Sport Association) PT & ST ( SU)  rule set. At the AGM I said we would target January 15 2015 as the deadline. If we could not obtain approval to adopt the NASA car classification system, then we would begin writing our own  new set of rules based on a powerto-weight guidelines.
I have been in communication  with NASA officials since the AGM and  WCMA has obtained , in principle, an agreement to adopt the NASA PT & ST  car classification  beginning in 2016. Were now in the process of writing a legal agreement and this is in the hands of legal counsel.  I was hoping to  advise all the competitors about the final decision when everything was signed, however, we have been sliding away from the January 15th deadline I had promised.  Therefore, this note in the WCMA forum is the official word that  NASA & WCMA has an agreement in principle.  We still have  an agreement  that has to  be officially sign and I m sure a few more Is to dot and a few Ts to cross before it is official.  At this point in time Im very confident  WCMA and NASA has an agreement.  The longevity of the agreement is for 3 years  with an option to extend.

This is for the ST & PT rule set and is for implementation for the  2016 WCMA Championship (s).  WCMA & ASN CANADA FIAs safety regulations will continue to be very similar to what they have been in the past.  The Spec Miata class, Vintage, Open Wheel , Challenge Class or any other approved  spec type WCMA classes  ( future) will not impacted by this agreement.  Each individual  WCMA Affiliated sports car club may still create their own car classifications and have their own Championships.   However, WCMA and the majority of the WCMA licensed competitors are of the opinion the NASA car classification will be a huge positive influence to the sport.
We hope WCMA licensed competitors will go to the United States to race in many NASA events and eventually we  will see some of  NASA competitors at WCMA events in the Prairie Provinces.

As soon as I have the signed agreements in my hands,  WCMA will send a formal letter to all WCMA licensed competitors.  In the meantime check back, every now and then, to the WCMA forum for any updates.   Gary  Leadbetter WCMA President

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