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October 22, 2015, 09:20:46 AM
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All - Focus on Encouraging More Team Based Motorsports
Gerard Tobin,
NASCC, Director Motorsport Development
Spec Miata Road Racer

Specifically promote, give examples of and develop processes and event structures that encourage team-based entries and championships

In a tough economy, a team sharing one vehicle lowers the barrier for entry. There is less driving time per event per driver, but they are still involved where they may not be able to participate otherwise. Team-based sport allows competitors to pool other required resources such as mechanical knowledge, time, space,cost of crew etc.  This is a big reason why Chumpcar is successful.  It's not just because of the $500 car idea. 

While some say we already allow this, we need to do a better job of promoting it and creating a rules and event environment which supports it. For those who have the money and skills to have their own team entry, of course that remains an option, but even two top competitors with money, skills and time can find additional synergies by working together both off and sometimes also on the track.  Rather than encouraging people to build more chumpcars, we can have a structure that promotes building more touring cars (i.e. a whole lot less chumpy). An enduro series embedded within our regular road race events might help as long as there is a lower entry fee per team available if for example they don't run in the sprint races.

I can see the same idea applying to various disciplines. Might be helpful to supply a sample racing partnership document.
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October 27, 2015, 08:04:39 PM
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All - Broader Public Focus
Geoff Rabbie - - Spec Miata

Additional ideas to get more public awareness:
    • Build on getting celebrities out - tie event into charity or fund raiser
    • Build on motorsport history - link into the Reynolds Museum - could have WCMA Hall of Fame -
    • Tie into local show and shine events, have them hold it at the track during race weekends
    • Sponsor a track night in Alberta like a small scale SCCA Track Night in America, promote to local car clubs
    • Find an MX-5 Cup race car and invite AJAC journalists for a drive out and get more articles written about spec miata and others, like the following -
    • Have a booth / promotion at the Edmonton autoshow with some drivers and cars

October 28, 2015, 11:20:44 AM
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All- Car Classing Explanations
Gerard Tobin,
NASCC, Director Motorsport Development
Spec Miata Road Racer

Provide Materials & Website Info to Directly and Clearly Outline Car Classes

Delivers a higher quality experience connected with our brand.  Simplification makes it easier for new participants to get involved and makes it easier to talk about and share for those who don't drive. Growth & Recognition.

NASA: Which Class to Choose Brochure

IMSA: Explanation of Car Classes Video (note color system for car decals too)

LeMans: Spotter Guide Brochure (Integrated in same brochure with other information about the series & getting involved)

FIA WEC: Class Explanations on Posters to Aid Spectator Buy-In
In addition to website info

October 28, 2015, 12:28:16 PM
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All- Community Signage
Gerard Tobin,
NASCC, Director Motorsport Development
Spec Miata Road Racer

Sandwich Board Kits with New Logo and Directional Arrows
Place multiple signs in one or two targeted communities at least a week before an event to give families an opportunity to check out the website and plan to attend.  Also guide traffic during events.

Extra Extra Large to Huge PVC Event Banners with Reusable Dates

Coffee Shop Posters
12x18 to be posted in targeted demographic coffee shop notice boards

Smaller version of coffee shop posters than interested people can take

Referral Cards (develop referral program)
Business card size given to active members to always keep a few in their wallets
Creative is always good = more conversation / more reach

Tent Cards
Place in Targeted Restaurants and at Parts Counters Flags at Major Venue Sites
Try to have one hoisted at regular venue sites and clubhouse

Vinyl cut decals
High impact Racing logo in a vinyl cut decal (vs bumper sticker) for members to put on their street cars. Black/red, white/red.  Include with new membership. Discounted/sponsored price for additional decals.

October 30, 2015, 07:57:26 PM
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Dr. Dave

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I think the first page of WCMA's webpage should be geared toward those who are interested and not toward those who are already involved. I have an open wheeled car, it's a project I've been building for the last 3 years. I'm thinking I would eventually like to race it. Anyway, I thought this year I'd like to go out to Castrol and watch the open wheel cars race. I searched WCMA's web site and NASCC's, there was absolutely no way to determine what classes were racing on any of the race weekends. I did go out and watch a lapping event Track Junkies website makes it real easy for an interested person to get all the info they need. WCMA's should be the same. Honestly for an outsider, it's like WCMA is a secret society.

November 02, 2015, 12:59:17 PM
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Reminder: Please refrain from responding to posts.  The purpose of this brainstorming thread is to collect ideas and perspectives.

Spec Miata #13

March 09, 2016, 11:06:06 AM
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All - Part-Time Central Administration Position
Gerard Tobin,
NASCC, Director Motorsport Development
Spec Miata Road Racer

Hire a part-time administrator to handle administrative club duties on a collective basis (i.e. multiple clubs), located centrally in CSCC's clubhouse (the only bricks and mortar facility in our region) as's new regional headquarters.

It seems to be a constant struggle to find club members willing to step up to volunteer as executive members to be Treasurer, Secretary, and even President at times.  Most members would prefer to be working on their car or racing it or socializing with members, rather than having to deal with administrative issues.  Our focus as a region is to grow the sport.  Lets free up our key volunteers' time and passion so that they can concentrate on growth-related activities. At least 50% of each club's administration activities could be outsourced and handled by one central person. Lets think about more than "Marketing and Promotion" and lets think about how to truly grow the sport starting with our own processes and infrastructure. Lets "Develop" our systems and processes for a future of growth. Working in-sync as a collective is the smart path vs the difficult path of duplicating efforts and continuing to put pressure (workload) on scarce resources (volunteers).

With every decision we make, whether a club executive or otherwise, we should be first asking, "Why am I doing what I am doing?" and "How does this decision specifically help to grow the sport?" Refocus on growth instead of administration. If we follow the same systems and processes as we have in the past, we will likely end up with the same result.