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December 18, 2015, 10:11:35 AM
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There seems to be lots of discussion about wanting to run a formal endurance race or even eventually a formal endurance series.

Two  of the major issues has always been the availability of track time and the cost of running an event for only 25 to 30 competitors.

What about trying to run an event during the week?  Do a one off event and see what happens?  Test the waters?  Approach the Castrol and see if a can deal can be reached.

We all have heard the comments about no one will come out if it is not on a weekend day.   
Yet, over the years many of us have seen 50 to 70 people show up to a manufacturer's car presentation or demo day or school at the track.

Heather and I over the past 30 years have often gone up to watch the Mens' and Ladies Downhill Pre-runs & race days races at the Lake Louise.  Wednesday are a little quiet, however Thursday and Friday has been getting busier and busier.  To run the World Cup races they require 100s of volunteers and many of these volunteers are there for 5 to 6 days or some longer.

While up there this year I was talking to a fellow and he indicated the last few years it has been easier to have experienced people helping mid-week.  ( Maybe these times allow for more flexibility with work schedules or holidays, flex-time or  option days, choice days or what ever you call those open days, etc ).

Does the motorsport community think they can put together enough volunteers ( track workers, crew, etc) and competitors to run one mid-week ( Non - Saturday or Sunday)  event per year.    Is anyone willing to take a gamble to see if something can be put together? 

A dedicated 6 hour race on a weekday?
Remember, any club affiliated through WCMA or ASN CANADA FIA can organize an amateur sports car racing event.

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