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May 09, 2016, 04:22:44 PM
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Subject: Announcement to Our Supporters

I believe that the time has arrived where we can share with our friends and supporters the news of our progress.
The key items that we would like to share are that:
-          We have selected a new site for the motorsports park – it is a little further north than our last proposal, but is on the #2 highway and still within 45 minutes of downtown Calgary.
-          We have submitted a new application to Mountain View County – it is in review. We expect to have approvals in August, 2016.
-          We are in process of re-branding to Rocky Mountain Motorsports – this will include our new website which we expect to have available within the week.
-          We will have an information office open in Carstairs two days a week – stay tuned for the hours.  You can of course still contact us at our Southport Rd location in Calgary.
Before filing our application we have spoken to our immediate neighbours.  They have expressed concern about the potential number of unknown individuals who will be coming to the motorsports park.  They are particularly concerned about increased traffic in the area possibly generating excess dust on local gravel roads and trespassing in their fields and yards.
We are committed to being good neighbours, and we need you as responsible motorsports fans to help us by respecting their concerns and their property.  Please do not travel to and drive around the site.
You can get a good sense of the site and the elevation changes by viewing it on Google Earth.  We will post additional information shortly that will give you a better perspective of the elevation changes of the track.
You can help us and the approvals of the park by respecting our neighbours and their concerns now.  Once the park is operational there will be a very clear and direct paved entrance into the park that avoids all gravel roads and does not require anyone to encroach on our neighbours’ property.
Thank you for respecting our neighbours.
Best regards,
Dominic Young
Rocky Mountain Motorsports
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