WCMA Autoslalom Regional Championship

NEW this year: Cash prizes! Sponsorship!

The WCMA Autoslalom Regional Championship brings competitors from across our region (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba) together for an annual challenge and friendly competition. For the 2014 season, we have events in every province hosted by all of the active WCMA solo clubs.

For 2014, I’m pleased to announce that we will have cash prizes of $500, $300, and $200 for the top 3 finishers in each “superclass” group (see below for classing details). Funding for the prizes will come from the entry fees and from additional funding provided by WCMA.

In addition, we have prize sponsorship from Talon Tire (http://www.talontire.com/) in the form of rebate coupons for class winners and contingency prizes for all eligible competitors. Details on the contingency program are in this pdf document. Briefly, the program works as follows:

  • run Talon Tire decals on your car
  • earn $7 – $22 rebate per event for eligible finishes at series events
  • claim the total rebate $$ on purchase of new tires

Members of any WCMA affiliated club are eligible to compete. The intent of the series is to encourage WCMA Solo competitors to participate in events outside of their own local clubs and to reward those competitors who are successful at a variety of venues and locations. The scoring will be based on PAX scores in the following “superclasses”.

Street (nee “Stock”)
Street Touring
Street Prepared
Street Modified

PAX values as developed by Rick Ruth and published here:

With the introduction of the “Street” classes replacing “Stock” classes for 2014, there will no longer be be “Street Tire Stock” or “Street Tire Other” classes and no PAX modifier for street-tired cars running in classes that allow R’s (ie, *SP classes)

Calculation of competitor’s regional points will be as follows:

Event points = (best superclass PAX time x 100) / competitor’s PAX time

Regional series points will be calculated by totalling the competitor’s best 3 regional event scores.

The following events are planned:

19-20 July SASC/CSCC Ft. MacLeod (2 days)
03 Aug QCMA Regina (1 day)
24 Aug RDSCC Red Deer (1 day)
27-28 Sep WSCC Winnipeg (2 days)

Registration info can be found on each club’s web site:

Ft. MacLeod – CSCC/SASC
http://cscc.speedracer.ca/forums/index. … 350.0.html

Regina – QCMA
http://qcma.org/modules.php?op=modload& … c8d89b0fdf

Red Deer – RDSCC

Saskatoon – SSCC

Winnipeg – WSCC
http://forums.wscc.mb.ca/index.php?/top … tion-info/

Each event is subject to the hosting club’s supplemental regulations, so please check those carefully and pay attention to local sound limits, etc. Please see the WCMA forum for any updates or changes. You can also view a Google calendar for these events here:

https://www.google.com/calendar/embed?s … a/Edmonton

2014 WCMA Regional Solo Championship Scores (PDF)