Issued - January 2002

One of the main objectives of the Western Canada Motorsport Association (WCMA) is the promotion of education in the area of the efficient and safe operation of motorsport events.

WCMA licenses officials for the efficient and safe operation of WCMA-sanctioned motorsport events. WCMA licensed officials must be members of WCMA affiliated clubs. These officials come from all aspects of motorsport involvement and over the years have earned or gained a great deal of knowledge and experience in all aspects of motorsports.

There are opportunities for skills and knowledge improvement within WCMA affiliated clubs in areas such as:

  • Worker recruitment
  • Effective worker rewards
  • Effective worker retention
  • How to organize and run an event
Also, there are opportunities for WCMA affiliated clubs to share best practices between each other, in the areas of event management and not for profit society management.

In order to enable and encourage key individual members of WCMA affiliated clubs to participate in outside training programs, or be able to travel to other affiliated clubs WCMA sanctioned events to share best practices the WCMA offers the Skills and Knowledge Improvement Program (SKIP).

WCMAs Skills and Knowledge Improvement Program (SKIP) will be conducted under the following conditions & parameters:

  1. Application prior to enrolment of an outside training course or best practice visit between clubs must be made. This application must include which affiliated club member or nominee, will be attending outside training or conducting a best practice visit and why. This application must also include details of the outside training course or best practice visit. This application may be made by fax, post or e-mail to the WCMA Administrator.
  2. An application must be submitted to the WCMA Administrator at least 6 weeks in advance of the outside training course or visit. Partial applications will be permitted (i.e. final costs or dates are unavailable at the time of application). This application will be circulated to the WCMA Voting Members for approval. Application for a grant does not guarantee that the grant will be approved.
  3. In a reasonable time after an application is received, WCMA will advise the affiliated club if the SKIP grant is approved. At that time, the affiliated club should enrol their nominee in their outside training course or plan their best practices visits.
  4. After proof of successful completion is submitted to WCMA, SKIP reimbursements will be issued to the affiliated club.
  5. This program will be limited to actual costs, to a maximum of $300 per annum, per affiliated WCMA affiliated club.
  6. Types of outside training that will be considered for SKIP grants could include:
    1. Not for Profit Volunteer conferences e.g. Vitalize!
    2. University, College or Public/Separate School System extension or continuing education courses pertaining to the management of not for profit societies, in particular worker recruitment, rewards and retention.
  7. Types of best practice visits that will be considered for SKIP grants could include:
    1. Observation/auditing of driving or worker schools put on by a WCMA affiliated club, by another WCMA affiliated club nominee, for the purpose of sharing information.