Race against the clock, legally!

WCMA affiliated clubs organize two types of Solo Sport competition – TimeAttack, which is held on permanent facilities such as parts of a race or kart track, and AutoSlalom, which duplicates a road course layout with pylons or other markers in a large paved area such as a parking lot. In both cases, each run is timed and the lowest time in each class wins – it’s not uncommon to have 1/1000 of a second difference between places!

AutoSlalom can be a very inexpensive way to participate in motorsports. All you need is your car and a helmet as per the regulations below.  Contact your local affiliated club or our Solosport Director <  >

WCMA utilizes the National SoloSport regulations to provide a unified ruleset for autoslalom in Canada.  The rules and regulations can be found on this website.

The WCMA board would like to remind all clubs that at this time fully electric vehicles (EVs) are not permitted in any sanctioned competition until the following conditions are met:  1) Stoneridge or any future insurer will cover the use of EVs in competition, and 2) Effective safety measures are established and available at competition facilities where EVs are participating.   While we recognize the appeal of EVs, we are not equipped or financially able of assuming the risks presented by this technology.   Thank you for your understanding.