Time Attack

Time Attack is a fastest lap competition on a real racetrack, using everything from street-driven cars to full-blown race cars. The competition is against the clock, with the aim being to record a faster lap than all the other drivers in your class, and to be more consistent than all of the other class winners. The classes are designed to let cars of similar performance compete against each other.  Is your ride modified? No problem! There are multiple classes for your car, depending on how much work you’ve done. The rules charge preparation points for different types of modifications, allowing you the freedom to choose which ones will make your car fastest. If you do modify your car, safety is encouraged by allowing the additional weight of a roll cage and extinguisher system to be offset with stripping out the interior. Or leave your car completely stock, lots do!

Events are held under the National SoloSport GCRs and National SoloSport and Lapping Regulations.

License Requirements

Time Attack License — INFO: Sue Wilson

  • Applications can be submitted on MotorsportReg.
  • Required documentation:
    • Completed and signed Annual General Waiver.
    • A valid Club Membership Card.
    • Picture — head and shoulders (to be added to your MotorsportReg profile).
  • Additional $35.00 late processing fee if making application within 7 days of event you wish to compete in.
  • Note that certification from an approved school is required for first time applicants.