2022 Racing Regulations now posted

The 2022 Road Racing Sporting Regulations and Technical Regulations are now posted on the Racing Regulations page.

WCMA has discontinued the use of the NASA ruleset for sprint road racing in the 2022 race season. WCMA has maintained the use of a factored hp-weight ratio to assign a class to each race vehicle.  For most competitors, the only change will be the class decal on your vehicle.

Please refer to the Classing Calculator and Form to be certain.  The link for the calculator and form is (https://www.wcma.ca/classing/car-classing.php).  The calculator is a web based form where the person enters their name, email address, vehicle information and the end result is the class is calculated.

To support classing efforts the dyno chart, exported dyno table, and vehicle photo will be submitted as part of the calculator.  It is recommended the person entering the information prints off a copy of the form for their own records before clicking on the SUBMIT icon.

If there are any comments or questions, please contact us at .

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